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Intro to Sailing, ASA courses, Charters

Sail with us in the historic city of Acre, on the beautiful bay of Haifa

Acre (Akko) is a UNESCO World Heritage City, in the north of Israel, rich in historical sites from the Crusaders and Ottoman times. Today it is a vibrant small community, with lovely authentic oriental market,  a fishing port and marina

Old sea walls of Old Akkoakko_e_harbor1

Haifa holds another UNESCO World Heritage site, the Bahai Temple & Gardens

haifa_bay The Bahai religion world center, Haifa Israel

See the old Acre Ottoman walls from the sea, the vantage point of  British Navy commodore Sir Sidney Smith, who helped the Turks defend the old city in 1799 from Napoleon's attempt to capture it – in which he failed

Go sailing to the south, and see the Bahai Gardens of Haifa from the sea

Sail with us north, and see the Achziv Reefs, close to Rosh Hanikra, the northern point of the Israeli coast

Sailing is done on our small yachts,  giving you a chance to actively take part in operating the boat if you feel like it. But if you are interested in a more leisurely and luxurious sail, we've got some larger yachts (at Haifa), which you'll just love sailing

akko_sm team_orig

What we offer

Half day sail
, leisurely or actively, with the opportunity of anchoring off the old Akko walls for a swim

A brief 'Intro to Sailing' course of one day

ASA (American Sailing Association) certification courses – 5 levels
Happens at Acre (Akko) port and Haifa Marina
Summer 2012 – 3 courses to 'Bareboat Charter' certificate –  $1690

IYT (International Yacht Training) commercial "Master of Yachts" certification courses for Mega-Yachts – 3 levels

An Israeli skipper's license, for those residing in Israel

A 'day on the water' for companies for your VIP guests that love sailing

Bareboat Charter – for experienced skippers – ASA certifications or others

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